[eDebate] Watch the entire Quarters debate and see for yourself

Christopher Thomas christopher.scott.thomas
Sun Aug 3 17:58:58 CDT 2008

Look sweetheart you seem to be not understanding my argument.Be an adult.
If you are attempting to be above those you find disrespectful, racist or in
the wrong then be an adult and discuss it with them. Making back handed,
childish, judgmental statements concerning Chris or Avery showcases your
inability to be a mature individual.

I am not defending their actions or anyone's action IN the video. I am only
arguing that if you have a problem specifically with Avery and Chris- then
you email, text message, message, call or god forbid have a face to face
conversation with them and discuss these issues. I don't think either of
them would reject this.

This goes for Nate and Chris too. So even if you think a video speaks for
itself you made the same backhanded comment about them. Which I'd like to
add, I would love for you to find a time in their prelim round OR final
round which those two individuals were as rude, disrespectful or immature as
you are acting now toward Devon or Deyvon( I think thats how you spell it, i
may be wrong).

For someone who wishes to make change in this community, like yourself dear,
I would hope you could find better ways than segregating nate, avery and
both Chris'. I would even push for you to have a discussion outside of a
google video and get to know them.

no one seems to be defending those four debaters. I will.
I would hope other people would agree with my argument over  debaters
attacking other debaters in a public forum. god damn people, if i wanted
that I would check Cross-x.com out and listen to high school debaters.
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