[eDebate] No Justice, No Peace

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Aug 4 12:32:48 CDT 2008

Couple quick responses to several people.

To David Glass--there is a committee drafting an enforceable code of
professional responsibility. How do I know this? I just finished a rough draft
and it is being reviewed by the committee. Ironically, Ede Warner and I are
working together in the working group.

To Ede-I am probably not in the "bridge building" camp. I still think CEDA and
NDT should split. Recall Marcus Garvey, Elijiah Mohammed and many within the
Black (African American) movement have argued that the overall system of white
America is so corrupt, the only choice is separation and voluntary exclusion.
It is 50 years since MLK, and according to you the system is still just as
bankrupt as it was during Jim Crow. Perhaps burning the bridges is not such a
bad idea.

Now, before anyone takes me out of context, let me put it on the record. I think
Ede overclaims his position concerning racism in debate. I think he is flat
wrong about the barriers being based on racism within the community. I think
the barriers are socio-economics at the secondary education level. For evidence
I give you the section in the documentary "Resolved" in which the California
state champions high school debate program is cut because of the No Child Left
Behind Act. They were good debaters, but it was their school adminstrators that
killed their program--not some what racist cabal at the TOC or CEDA.

But, if we take Ede's and others (Towson) rhetoric at face value, I think a
stronger case can be made for burning bridges than for trying to increase
inclusion. I am still suprised that no one has counter-planned in rounds to
create an HBCU policy debate organization. Because then we would get to the
core reason why so many minority students don't debate--it is because they
cannot afford to do it in college and they can't afford to do it in high
school--and their schools can't afford to fund their programs.

There are thousands of white students who also cannot compete. But it is a
matter of economics rather than a matter of some Klan conspiracy.

(Spreading love as always)

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