[eDebate] No Justice, No Peace

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Aug 4 13:31:48 CDT 2008


Articulate a clear line of argument and perhaps someone can respond.

You give all these blandishments about the Civil Rights Movement, Pain,
suffering and the agony of being Black in a white man's debate world. I am just
pointing out thaat there are many within the Black movement who would conclude
that your fight for inclusion is all wrong. I am saying that your appeals to
"Justice", if in fact injustice does exist, will probably never be met, so why
keep fighting for inclusion? There are other alternatives that could easily be
explored if the same efforts to fight these racist (your charecterization)
organizations and norms could be used to create an atmosphere of inclusion via
the creation of a HBCU debate league, or a new form of policy debate that is
not focused on winning the NDT.

As far as separation from NDT, I posit the following: MPJ and strike cards are
an offshoot of NDT imported to CEDA from the merger. Back in the day,
1980's-1990's you got a panel of three and you got stuck unless you could show
some real overwhelming bias (that guy is dating one of the debaters, etc.). If
we would have had some randomized judging panels  at CEDA Nats instead of MPJ
and strikes-the whole Ft. Hays  Towson fiasco would have never taken place.
Randomized judging would insure that the minority and women that do particpate
in the judging get a shot at juding in out rounds. At
worst, Ft. Hays would have had a judge in the back of the room who would
normally vote for their arguments, but is probably more sympathetic to Towson's
project. They would have then sucked it up and went for a 2-1 decision. Do you
think the NDT will ever get rid of MPJ and strike cards? LOL

Am I the only one that heard rumors and innuendo about how CEDA Nationals was
not a true national championship-only the NDT matters. How more nigardly can
people treat African-Americans generally, and Towson specifically. Is THIS what
you want to be included in?

I am indiciting your entire project Ede. I don't think inclusion is the
solution. All of your attempts at inclusion are futile to the point of farce.

Ask yourself this: "I have been fighting this Quixotic fight for almost ten
years now. What have I accomplished?"

"Could all of that effort have been directed toward a better purpose, such as
creating a African-American or AfroCentric debate league at the collegiate

I think the answer is that you have not accomplished much, and frankly, CEDA and
NDT has not done much of ANYTHING either--African Amerians
participation overall is pretty much as low as it always has been within CEDA
NDT. I can count the number of African American coaches in CEDA/NDT on one hand
with a couple fingers missing. Other than the inclusion of a few rap songs,
debate is just as incomprehensible to the average person (white or black) as it
ever was. No increase in HBCU participation, or any other type of college with a
majority African-American population has entered policy debate. ZERO, NADA,
NOTHING. All we have right now are a few placings by minority students at the
NDT and Towson winning CEDA Nats. Anamolous, dare I say it, token, wins do not
make for a successful social movement for real change.

Maybe instead of castigating me for pointing out the reality of the situation
and offering a solution, you should seriously consider the alternative of
creating "a debate association of one's own."

I will volunteer to help draft your constitution and I will donate $200.00
toward the filing for Non-Profit Organization status. Here's a name: The
American American College Debate Assocation (AACDA).

The match is lit. Let's burn a bridge.


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