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Martin Harris mharris02
Mon Aug 4 18:28:15 CDT 2008

   If you are sincere, then why are you still in CEDA? Why does Ede have
to throw the torch? Why does Ede have to start the league? Are YOU not
interested in diversity (black, brown, red, or green)? Are YOU not
interested in seeing more Blacks in forensics (notice I said forensics,
not "policy" debate)? Screw all the white guilt crap, and other you are
just keeping it real jive trash. What are YOU doing to help make change.
Look, I disagree with some of Towson's methods, and disagree with SOME
of louisville's analysis (recognizing BOTH are radically different). But
everytime  I am asked to help figure out an answer to their positions,
strategize against their methods, or prep against their teams, I START
with the same question. Is there something I have done that is different
and better. See, here is the real rub that I think is humorous and yet
tragically sad. I hear a lot of teams running coalition turns and cap
bad identity politics positions against Towson and yet I ain't seeing
the UQ for these args. For the Towson kills coalitions arg to have any
weight, there has to BE a coalition in the squo. If this exists, someone
PLEASE tell me where it is. Seriously. Cause the separatism thing
doesn't seem to work, the squo doesn't seem to work and the Fullerton,
Towson, Louisville, etc stuff doesn't seem to be working very quickily
beyond their programs.


   Oh yeah, and I think the piece you are looking for from MLK is Letter
from a Birmingham Jail. It is his argument to a couple of white
preachers on why the SCLC was demonstrating in Birmingham. The white
preachers argument being it was both unwise and untimely. Martin's FIRST
answer is because there  is injustice here. It is certainly NOT an
argument for separatism. A little lesson I teach my "parli" debaters.
Credibility of your argument is greatly enhanced when you source your
research. I think there is an article by MLK called something usually
makes you look like a Jimmy. Or, in the words of the fictional leader of
the Black Congressional Caucus to Josh Lyman on the WestWing "In the
mean time, please don't tell me how to be a leader of black men. You
look like an idiot."


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