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Martin Harris mharris02
Mon Aug 4 20:34:28 CDT 2008

   Oh yeah, and I forgot, learn to count. At CEDA alone I saw Ed Lee,
James Roland, Will Baker, Ede Warner, Shawntia Diggs, Phil Samuels, and
Shanara Reid. That is 7 black coaches that I saw not 5. Stop fucking
marginalizing people by leaving folks out. Or which one of those 7
doesn't count in your mind? If you don't know the extent of
participation then don't act like you do. This happens everytime people
talk about underrepresentation in debate. They underrepresent even more
by leaving folks  off the list. My list is the mere memories of an
addled old mind. Louisville has no others? Trinya doesn't travel with
Towson ever? Daryl Burch never travel anymore? The Baltimore kids told
me they saw him at a camp. I see Morgan State and Coppin State on the
Bmore cooperative list. I think those are both HBCU's. My list is
probably missing coaches, but I am not an active participant in NDT/CEDA
anymore, and I don't know exactly who travels. I certainly know it is at
least 7 not 5 though. Since, well you know, you wanted to get all
"accurate" with your Jimmy and all. 


   Don't worry, I will disappear again. I said my peace, and this
discussion has gotten me WAY passed my allowed to speak in to pissy
attitude range. 



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