[eDebate] Wow. 7 African-American coaches. Victory!

Jillian A. Marty jmarty
Tue Aug 5 00:04:24 CDT 2008

I really don?t like to post on edebate. I find that these debates are
ridiculous, a major waste of time, and I find that people have way too much time
on there hands so that when I post this comment by the time I wake up tomorrow
there will be at least three responses to this email. I prefer to have these
discussions in person. However, since this is not the case,  I feel that I must
respond to what you have just said.  For a person that states one must have
valid evidence, Scott your claims are unfounded! Students in the various UDLs
have success  because of the hard work and dedication they put into debate just
like other high school students in the United States. It is not because they are
separate from the ?White Majority? that they are successful. Many of the UDLs do
not solely serve minority students. There are several UDLs that have a large
number of students in the non-minority category and these students participate
in both ?traditional? and ?performance? style of debate. In addition, some UDLs
are so successful that they have ?integrated? with the ?White Majority? and have
continued to kick ass in debate. This means that UDLs logically wouldn?t be able
to be the college model because we don?t just serve minority students we serve
students in urban areas. Now on to your statement about why not bring UDL to
HBCU. Let me break down UDL for you. It stands for urban debate league. No where
in the acroyonm does it state the "black debate league". Further more to assume
that all UDL debaters are black not only shows how little you know about UDLs it
also shows how little you know about the demographics of an urban area.
Urban is not a synonym for minority it describes a dense populated metropolis
area, where people from all walks of life live. Second,  if you were to do a
little research, many many UDL students have beaten ?TOC style debaters? in ?TOC
style of debate?. I will not disclose the names of those students that have done
so because I have not asked their permission to use their names in this email.
But, I can tell you that one of those debates happened this year at one of the
New York State Qualifiers, where several teams from the NYUDL beat TOC
qualifiers. In addition, there have been many successes at the NFL and CFL
levels where UDL utilizing TOC style debate have been in late elimination rounds
at these tournaments.  Also, there have been several UDL alums that have made it
to the NDT using ?traditional debate?. So you see Scott the UDLs do have success
at ?TOC style debate?. Third, do all the UDL alums a favor and don?t talk about
us or our debate leagues. Don?t talk about how we can?t be ?good? at ?TOC
debate?. Don?t talk about how UDLs are an example of how minorities should form
their own separate debate league. And finally don?t talk about the success of
UDLs is soley based on financial support. You have no clue what you are talking.
You don?t know any of us and our stories.

That is it for me. Hopefully I will not have to respond again, and please know
that if you do respond I won?t be responding thru the internet I will respond
when I see you--- at a tournament perhaps maybe at big Bronx, NY States,
Lexington or at Harvard?places where you can see our UDL students debate TOC
style.  Until then, just KEEP UDLS OUT YOUR MOUTH AND WE BE COOL.

I wish you the best,

Jillian A. Marty
Department of Communication
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
E-32A Machmer Hall
Office Hours:M 11:15-12:15,
T& Th 11:45- 12:45

Quoting scottelliott at grandecom.net:

> Wow Martin. There are 7 instead of 5 black coaches for an entire nation  (btw
> that was Ede's count I was going off of. Isn't it sad that you can literally
> name off the top of your head every black policy debate coach in the
> country?).
> I guess you have won. Wow what a victory for a ten year project.
> Amazing, at this rate, in 20 years there will be ten African American coaches
> by
> the year 2028.  Full integration of CEDA/NDT will have been achieved.
> Seriously,
> if all you are going to do is quiblle over 5 versus 7, I think you have
> already
> conceded the larger issues. (I noticed you dropped the whole source citation
> of MLK issue pretty damn quick.)
> I am still, at a loss as to why my proposal is a non-starter for many of you.
> Another individual has pointed out, quite correctly, that UDL's have been
> extremely successful. Why is that? In addition to a lot of dedication by a
> large number of dedicated individuals and financial support (economics really
> is the key issue folks)--I posit that it is because UDL's ARE seperate, that
> they are successful. If UDL were thrust into varsity, TOC style debate,
> students would bolt.
> WHY can't UDL's be a model for college debate too? Why not expand the UDL
> concept to HBCU's?
> Careful Ede and Martin, you are about to have a series of logical mines blow
> up
> in your faces. You can be more poetic, but the Turth is still painfully
> obvious.
> Scott
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