[eDebate] Wow. 7 African-American coaches. Victory!

Duane Hyland privethedge
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If UDL were thrust into varsity, TOC style debate,
students would bolt. >>
Scott, I'm not sure how much high school judging you do - but this isn't true. I've judged several UDL teams over the years at varsity level, TOC qualifying tournaments...Most have been more than up to the task of taking on traditional teams - they didn't run out of the room, they made their arguments and strived for?a win, and they won more often than not....Don't over generalize!

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Wow Martin. There are 7 instead of 5 black coaches for an entire nation  (btw
that was Ede's count I was going off of. Isn't it sad that you can
name off the top of your head every black policy debate coach in the country?).

I guess you have won. Wow what a victory for a ten year project.

Amazing, at this rate, in 20 years there will be ten African American coaches
the year 2028.  Full integration of CEDA/NDT will have been achieved.
if all you are going to do is quiblle over 5 versus 7, I think you have already
conceded the larger issues. (I noticed you dropped the whole source citation 
of MLK issue pretty damn quick.)

I am still, at a loss as to why my proposal is a non-starter for many of you.
Another individual has pointed out, quite correctly, that UDL's have been
extremely successful. Why is that? In addition to a lot of dedication by a
large number of dedicated individuals and financial support (economics really
is the key issue folks)--I posit that it is because UDL's ARE seperate,
they are successful. If UDL were thrust into varsity, TOC style debate,
students would bolt.

WHY can't UDL's be a model for college debate too? Why not expand the
concept to HBCU's?

Careful Ede and Martin, you are about to have a series of logical mines blow up
in your faces. You can be more poetic, but the Turth is still painfully


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