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Ede Warner ewarner
Tue Aug 5 13:58:02 CDT 2008

From: Ede Warner
To:scottelliott at grandecom.net 
Date: 8/5/2008 02:55 PM
Subject: Re: Striking judges because they disagree on issues.
We love to hear different "informed" views.
We love to hear those willing to think "critically" about what we've said.
We love showing critical thinkers the same level of respect to reflect on their views.
We love to learn, grow, and develop with people that are willing to exchange ideas, not just push the same ones down our throats because they are incapable of personal self-reflection.
Bottom line: we just can't do any of those things with you.  So why try?
Feel some solace, you're not alone.  You're just unwilling to shut up which makes you the easy and obvious target.
BTW, your perspectives aren't new or innovative, we hear them all the time, but in substantially more respectful tones.  So we'll engage your ideas elsewhere, with others at least willing to show some level of respect.  
Here is an idea for the marketing of your new league:
Master Scott's HBCU league - coming to a plantation near you soon!!!!!
You can go get all the middle class blacks that live on campuses without debate teams and have them transfer to the HBCU's.  
But what will we do with those pesky middle class African Americans on the campuses of Northwestern, Dartmouth, Emory and West Georgia, Fullerton, and Louisville?  Such an anomaly: Middle class Blacks on campuses with debate teams.  
We could shoot them, or send them away in rocket ships with that crazy Space Trader Derek Bell.  Or wait, we could start a second league with them.  The Scott Elliott "You don't really exist" debate league.  Tonia and Liz could be the first officers with their middle class backgrounds and all.  They should be able to recruit more socioeconomically privileged Blacks to disappear into the Scott Elliott Black Bermuda Triangle.  
Yeah, you have the right amount of smarts, leadership, empathy, and critical thought to start an HBCU league.  You really are a trendsetter!  Sign me up!

From: <scottelliott at grandecom.net>
To:Ede Warner <e0warn01 at gwise.louisville.edu>
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Date: 8/5/2008 02:30 PM
Subject: Striking judges because they disagree on issues.
Thank you for striking me from judging your teams.
I feel honored to be a trendsetter.
You should always strike those that actually engage you.
You should always keep those around you that pat you on the head, smile and
dismiss you.
Heaven forbid your students hear a different perspective on the issues of racism
and diversity in policy debate.
I would not want your students exposed to a counter-veiling view of their
Project, or give them any cause to doubt you.
Three cheers for diversity, Ede.
What a standard you have established.

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