[eDebate] Available to Judge Clarion University Tournament

Scott Phillips scottyp431
Tue Aug 5 17:54:52 CDT 2008

PUDDY: Let's finish this up.

JERRY: Did you two break up?

PUDDY: (While punching up numbers on a calculator) That chick's whacked.
We're history. (Back to the transaction) I just left out a couple of things:


JERRY: "Rust-proofing"?

PUDDY: (Reading off what he's adding up on the calculator) Transport charge,
storage surcharge, *additional* *overcharge*, finder's fee

JERRY: "Finder's fee"? It was on the lot!

PUDDY: Yeah, that's right. (Continues reading off) Floor mats, keys..

JERRY: 'Keys"?!

PUDDY: How ya gonna start it?
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