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Les Phillips les_phillips98
Tue Aug 5 20:37:07 CDT 2008

I have known Bill Shanahan for more than twenty-five years.  His bravery is extraordinary.  He has demonstrated it at every stage of his career. and has taken risks that anyone else would shrink from.  He is also one of the most phenomenally honest people in forensics -- actually, one of the most honest people I've ever met.  He teaches intellectual integrity, and he lives it.  Also, he can reconsider his positions and admit error.  Bill and I have had profound, fundamental disagreements over the years, but I have never doubted his sincerity or authenticity (pace Trilling).  There isn't time or space, here, to get into his enormous contributions to the activity.  

I don't know enough about the quarters round at CEDA to know whether Bill was right or wrong in that situation; but I know who Bill is.

As for attire in the activity:  Mr. Kyriazis, quite simply, the college debate community evolved far away from your standard many years ago, and that is simply that.  Professor Shanahan [forgive me, Bill -- *Dr.* Shanahan] would, of course, be happy to defend your right to wear what you wish to tournaments.

Les Phillips

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> Note to Mr. Carver:
> as Groucho Marx once remarked, I wouldn't want to join
> a club that would 
> have me as a member.  obviously mr. carver thinks the ceda
> website is 
> some kind of place for posting jokes instead of a serious
> debate 
> website.  I posted a very serious note about my
> availability to judge at 
> two, and only two, tournaments, those being  Kings College
> and Clarion.  
> I specifically emailed the Michigan people that I was
> unavailable for 
> their judging needs due to distance, vacation plans and the
> un-economical nature of bringing in a hired judge all the
> way from the 
> east coast.  I suggested they hire Patrick Rose, Esquire, a
> former 
> Harvard debater, a very highly skilled trial and appellate
> attorney and 
> policy debate judge who teaches appellate advocacy, moot
> court and civil 
> procedure at Thomas Cooley School of Law.
> i've been doing this policy debate stuff now more than
> thirty-five 
> years.   I had a pleasant year last year coaching high
> school debate.  
> Guess they're more respectful down there.
> I don't expect your immediate respect.  I know I have
> to earn it.  But I 
> take this stuff seriously and I will always flow your
> rounds and give 
> you a fair decision. 
> And being serious, there's casual, there's really
> casual, and then 
> there's Shanahan. 
> Here's a story.  I remember going to the Grammies and
> the Sony 
> afterparty in New York City with my clients and their
> friends Tommie 
> Morello and Rage Against the Machine about twelve years
> ago, and even 
> rock stars dress in black tuxedo Armani, shirt buttoned, no
> tie, their 
> women dress in slinky designer dresses, and the rap stars
> dress in 
> expensive ski jackets and very expensive sunglasses.  And
> Armani is a 
> designer, not a kritik. 
> Now Rage Against Machine is as radical left as you can get.
>  Their 
> website was actually ordered pulled down by the Bush
> administration 
> after 9/11 because it was too radical.  They have spent
> almost twenty 
> years championing the cause of Mumia Abu Jamal's
> freedom, which in 
> Philly is VERY controversial.  And yet they had the courage
> to come to 
> this town and say out loud they wanted the man to be free,
> even though 
> the cops guarding them wanted to kill them for saying it. 
> Now I submit, that takes real courage.  Not like hiding
> behind a 
> computer and mocking someone's name.  That is a
> cowardly and stupid act, 
> by contrast.
> So, Carver, when are YOU going to do something as brave as
> Tommie 
> Morello and Rage Against Machine?  When are you going to
> stand up for 
> your rights, to quote Bob Marley?  What have you done
> lately to 
> challenge the status quo, if you're so radical?
> I mean, there's a dress code and a conduct code even
> among rock stars.  
> You'd think debaters, who truly wish to be rock stars,
> would have them 
> too.  Rock stars dress a certain way and conduct themselves
> a certain 
> ethical way, at least the good ones like Rage and Bono do. 
> And Tommie 
> Morello is really a humble guy. 
> --Art Kyriazis
> Carver wrote:
> > Counter offer:
> >
> > You drive the Kyriasakamistakis mobile to Ann Arbor
> tonight and I will give
> > you fifteen buck a round to judge my camp tourney
> debates. You can ever
> > dress like it's a funeral
> >
> > JC
> >
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> >
> >
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