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Ede Warner ewarner
Wed Aug 6 01:24:30 CDT 2008

Deven says:  "and it even hurts harder when blacks that claim to be with you are downing you in subtle ways or give a facade of unity. That shit really erks me....i may be venting right now but i really  dont give a fuck !  My black rage has been something i have kept silent since i was a sophmore at Louisvillle, feeling like  i was under a  
dictatorial  gaze that could snatch my scholarship in a second if i and others if we didnt obey."

Dear Deven, 

Yep...the ignorance of your post demonstrates to the debate world why you were kept on a short lease... 

Let's be clear:  It wasn't just a gaze, you were on "lock-down" because you are an angry, immature, selfish, little boy who cares about two things: Deven and Deven winning.  Your own peers, colleagues, friends at Louisville (and I use that term loosely, you did go through five partners in less than six months), told you to shut up a whole lot more than I ever did, "even if" they don't like me either.  Don't forget, I remember Mr. "I Love Traditional Debate" Deven who scoffed at what Louisville did when the NDT weekend started in 2004, but by the quarters at the end of the weekend B-more Boy was jumping at the bit to sign up!...And then you win a championship and don't have the decency and respect of your elders to acknowledge my role in your success, praising everyone at Louisville except me, because you are bitter that you chose to leave just because I changed the strategy, putting yourself in dire financial need.  Amazing, I should have left your pathetic, selfish behind in Baltimore...You think you are grown now, ready to show out for the debate folks who love protest, anarchy and anti-establishment talk...There hasn't been one Black civil rights leader that ran a "do what you want" camp for good reason...Traitors and toy soldiers like you.  And stop lying, no one snatched your scholarship, you quit.  You quit because you couldn't do or say anything you wanted in a debate.  I'm happy you found a place that you could...I'm even happier it wasn't Louisville! 

Now, as for "facade's of unity," let's clear that up too:  I was showing you dumb butt compassion and empathy because it was in the greater interest of Black folks to do so, in spite of your unwavering commitment to a winning strategy at all cost, and with you're lack of regard about what was in the long term best interest of Black folks in this community. You right now are using what should be a productive educational moment about race in this community to "vent" your personal beefs, with no regard for Shanara, your team, your coaches, or the rest of this community of decent folks.  Not surprising though.  And by the way, bill shannahan didn't just vote for Liz and Tonia on "those arguments," he voted for you too, many times.  It's called balance and objectivity, something you seem to lack any of. 

All of this anger and hatred because I wouldn't let y'all run around and call people racist all the time, and vent your anger in undisciplined ways, and somehow you think that means I'm not down?  Down with what, the racist idiot movement?  You are dumber than you look, sound, and write.  Even as you disrespect that I created the foundation for every bit of the theory you use to win your championship, I stayed publicly above your insults and bad mouthing of me all over the place.  You are no more than a parrot, lacking an original thought, especially with regards to debate strategy.  We both know that.  

Now I let you disrespect me once publicly and I should have checked it then, but like DMX, I chose to "turn my back on you"  out of respect for your championship and the struggles you legitimately went through to get there.  But not this time, no more cheeks to turn.  I don't like you and a burden was lifted from my shoulders when you and your hate mixed with self-absorption  left my program.  There is a word for people like you and it doesn't end with an empowering "a". 

I told you many things, tried to give you valuable life lessons, most of which you ignored.  One of which was I told you that you never go part-way with this.  If you are going to be a real soldier, go all the way.  Now, you want to selectively air dirty laundry? Naw partner, I'm not having it!  You see, you are just simple-minded enough to think that I'm the only one with something to lose here, and you seem to think that I'm afraid like one of those "internet" gangstas you speak of.  But I'm willing to go all the way:  mutually assured career destruction and the whole nine...Why?  Cuz' I'm a true believer in what I'm doing and I know my purpose on this earth...And not you, your anger, your pettiness, or you're unwillingness to let by-gones be by-gones can hurt me.  So we can do this now online, or at Georgia State face to face, or wherever since the student thinks he is ready for the teacher.  Let's see who is really the coward...Here's a topic to get you started... 

Resolved:  Doc Warner should be terminated as Director of Debate for the dictatorial way he treated Deven and the other debaters in 2005.  

You are affirmative, so let's go.  Come on...my job against your future.  Those are decent stakes since you don't have anything to lose, at least not now, and I have a career and a family at stake.  Given I have all of these totalitarian skeletons that you appear ready to unleash, you should be the odds on favorite.  Let's see who can destroy who more publicly...After you get me fired and I destroy your educational career, we can call each other's prospective job interviews and send dirt, you know like negative recommendation letters.  We can make the destruction of each other an obsession until both are in ruins!  You know, some War of the Roses stuff...You might as well go for it all since you want to play with Pandora's box.  Let's see if you fare better than your boyz that already tried to have me fired...Where are they now?  Flunked out? Waiting tables?  

You have so much too learn about what a gangsta really is... 

Your move ingrate, 


P.S. - Hey, Deven's opponents, feel free to use any part of this in debates this fall. There will be so much more coming shortly.
 Ede Warner, Jr.
Director of Debate Society/Associate Professor of Communication
University of Louisville
308E Strickler Hall
ewarner at louisville.edu 
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