[eDebate] Take it to the streets!

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Wed Aug 6 03:59:58 CDT 2008



ede warner writes,
"There is a word for people like you and it doesn't end with an empowering 'a'."

that's beyond the pale. you're openly calling a former student a nigger and you
have the gall to demand that he show you respect. anyone who can talk to a
student like that doesn't deserve one iota of respect, much less a teaching job.
i don't know about dictatorial, but you're certainly a dick.

"Hey, Deven's opponents, feel free to use any part of this in debates this fall."

use WHAT? are you seriously suggesting that cooper's opponents should
refer to him with the same racial slur you just did? should they call him an
"ingrate" as well? ...have you lost every shred of decency?

"So we can do this now online ...".

no, he's under no obligation to respond to you because your post isn't worthy
of response. it negates itself, since you're "using what should be a productive
educational moment" to settle personal beefs. keep your filthy mouth shut.


(how many people i used to respect are going to debase everything they
claim to stand for this week? is it naive to hold those who've been around
longer to a higher standard, to expect them to set an example? am i subtly
relying on old notions of 'child' and 'adult' which clearly have no relevance
anymore? ...it's difficult for me to blame students for 'venting' - especially
when they freely admit that's what they may be doing - so long as teachers
act like this. we are witnessing gross violations of the role of educators in
this community, and it's truly disheartening.)
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