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Deven bmoreboi325
Wed Aug 6 10:04:30 CDT 2008

  You get very passionate when you debate. That is great. But, you seem to 
 understand, or at least acknowledge, that it makes some of your opponents 
 uncomfortable. After debates, they may feel like you really don't like them. 
 They may feel like you don't want to talk to them. If one of your opponents 
 refuses to run anything but Topicality when they debate you, would you still 
 want to talk to them? If they approach you in the hallway and offer a kind 
 hello, will you do the same? Can you two be friends? This may seem really 
 odd, and I am sorry for that. But you make arguments that address the way 
 that debaters interact with each other outside of the debate round. Some of 
 your charges are pretty heavy. So the question is. If Topicality is used to 
 protect the structural norms that exclude you, and one of your opponents 
 refuses to read anything but topicality, are you willing to put that fact 
 aside outside of debates so that that debater and you can get along?
  Although I don?t like when people just run T on us
we can def be friends with them later on
.there are quite a few people here at ADI that it would seem as though I wouldn?t want to engage if the argument was true that I didn?t want to be-friend people who run those things on us. If they were to speak I would def speak back
it wouldn?t be any hard feelings unless it was like the situation Martin Osborne expressed where he felt Kansas BJ deserved to be in our place at CEDA because they were policy focus
I see he says that happened to him but it is no excuse that both of his apologies were insufficient
he never says I APOLOGIZE or IM SORRY
but kept making clarifications of what he was saying
.and in a sense I?m glad his feelings were hurt because it lets him feel the hurt that we feel after a lot of debate where we get fucked over. It was kind of a punk move to say it in the 2ar where we couldn?t respond. But overall if he sincere about his apology then maybe I would
 believe him but I just don?t
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