[eDebate] Frustrating and Saddening

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Wed Aug 6 14:34:19 CDT 2008

To answer your question, Jay, I am just another person expressing an opinion
about policy debate. I don't sign my name with full qualifications, etc.,
because this is a list serve. Arguments should stand on their own. My claims,
whether you hate them, are just arguments. I do not try to make arguments from
authority. I think students claims have just as much validity on this list
serve. So, I just put my arguments out there and let the chips fall where they
may. If it kills you, you can always hit the delete button. Unlike a lot of
people though, I will stand by my claims. I don't hide under pseudonyms. And, I
think if you will look, most of the vitriol that you have been reading is not
from me, but from people who cannot form an argument. They would rather engage
in name-calling.



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