[eDebate] Confession and Guilt

Ede Warner ewarner
Wed Aug 6 19:47:39 CDT 2008

Deven, you guys can air all the laundry you want!  Stop threatening me as in the words of Shauntrice, do something.  I'm going to give a best effort to spend next year trying to fix some of the problems that I intentionally and unintentionally created in this community and I'm out.  If your laundry can get rid of me, then I retire early...
The University did a complete review of my program, including all of these allegations, made some recommendations including firing my wife.  So if you got any left that mean something, do tell....If not, leave me alone and I will do the same.


From: Deven <bmoreboi325 at yahoo.com>
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Date: 8/6/2008 08:41 PM
Subject: [eDebate] Confession and Guilt
I don't understand why dr. warner thinks my original post was all about him because it wasn't.....i barely like to pay him or his coaching staff any mind...that one part about how i felt under his team was true for quite a few people...wasn't a lie..and i'm not playing the victim here i know who i was 3-4 years ago and that is the past. If dr.warner red the post to be about him hes sadly mistaken, he isnt the only black person/people in this community....but maybe that didnt dawn on him and he got so enraged to air alot of "dirty laundry" when i could air much more that all us students talked about...not giving fuck if it hurts dr. warner or not but for decency i wont air such things although he has no problem airing them about me...Sad........

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