[eDebate] Mmm...microfascism: No pu(n) for you

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Sat Aug 9 17:40:55 CDT 2008


kuswa, in my opinion, your unwillingness to name names also displays fear
- not brilliance.

i don't appreciate being back-handedly referred to as a 'minion', as i have
been outspokenly critical of shanahan's behavior. he may embrace himself
as an asshole, but that doesn't make him a 'dictator'. he's an impassioned
public speaker, an original thinker, and the best of teachers. ...whether or
not his "dishevelment" is "studied", i can't say; but i can say you're clothed
in the very arguments he helped thread. and if it's high time for a bath, who
among us isn't a bit dirty?

"Leftist organizations will not be the last to secrete microfascisms. It's too easy

to be antifascist on the molar level, and not even see the fascist inside you,

the fascist you yourself sustain and nourish and cherish with molecules both

personal and collective."
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