[eDebate] "Qualified judges" requirements disturbing

Martin Harris mharris02
Tue Aug 12 03:09:40 CDT 2008

   I remember hearing a speech by Rev. Jackson when I was a youngen. I
believe the speech might have even been before his presidential
aspiration days. In it, he is talking about ethics and values. At one
point he speaks about a mother with 5 kids who can only afford 3 pork
chops. His question is whether she should conclude that she has two too
many children? Of course, the answer is no, she cuts the pork chops in
half and makes do because THAT is what you do. 


   Seems to me the debate community has decided it has too many teams.
Now, I realize you can make the "qualified" judges work harder. I mean,
the students all work damn hard and should expect nothing but the best
right. Problem is there just aren't enough pork chops to go around. Add
to that the students at home that get a professor (remember, some of
your colleagues get to go home and teach 4 classes and grade papers)
that has been forced to work an entire tournament weekend without break
and starts preparing less because the time they used to use at
tournaments for planning and grading or resting is now being taken up
because evidently if you don't get D. Heidt as a critic you were


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