[eDebate] "Inaccuracies" in coverage

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Thu Aug 14 13:44:56 CDT 2008


i agree it's "the way we are willing to treat and talk with each other" that
should be center stage, so it's worth determining what mistreatment was
and was not alleged: if a story incorrectly reads "the Pittsburgh professor
had accused the Fort Hays team of dropping her as a judge because she's
black," then that's a false impression that ought to be set straight before a
discussion of wider implications, no?

i'm not 'surprised' so much as i'm not yet so cynical as to believe that news
stories shouldn't bear a modicum of resemblance to actual events (especially
when those events have been captured on video). ...but maybe you're right.
maybe we've reached the simulacrum phase.

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