[eDebate] The sky is not falling

Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Fri Aug 15 02:18:32 CDT 2008

The quarters at CEDA and the subsequent fallout have been regrettable, but
they hardly indict the entire activity of debate and anyone that allows
their administration to believe so should reconsider why they do their job.
The value of debate is the same today as it was before someone showed their
ass in a debate. Attacking debate by association is as silly as saying you
shouldnt leave your house because of the myriad of causes of death outside
your door. Administrators will have questions; your answers require no
additional elaboration beyond "these regrettable actions were clearly taken
by an impassioned individual and are an aberration, far from the norm, in

The suggestion that this is the result of a particular style, a particular
area of content, or an indication of the overall trend in debate is
nonsensical. Get ahold of yourselves, people. People that ran the politics
disad sexually harassed people. Coaches of teams that are always topical are
sometimes aggressive and occassionally cross-the-line into violence.
Dispassionate debaters "objectively" conveying news reports often use
naughty words to describe their opponents. A singular anecdote aside, debate
is much more amicable, friendly, and communal today than the "good ole days"
which were rife with "good ole boys", tabroom collusion, and, overall, much
more white, male, and rich than today. Debate is better today than it was
when you debated, whoever you are.

Folks, get the navel-gazing and the delusions of self-importance and get
back to work.

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