[eDebate] circle the wagons

Peter Campbell odell.campbell
Fri Aug 15 11:38:10 CDT 2008

When I say,

We need more judges like this in the
community - and we need more judges that are both able and willing to listen

fairly (and by fairly I do not, again, intend to call upon something like a
'clean slate' - I mean fairly more in terms of 'conscientiously') to a wide
variety of argumentative and persuasive *styles*. The pref sheet should be
a vehicle that allows teams with different approaches to debate to interact
with one another without one team always feeling that they were cheated by
the decision. There are a few judges in the community that operate within
such a model, and we need more.

I do not mean to enact a model of harmonious interaction.  In fact, I think
that one of the good things about the competitive nature of debate is that
we can have interaction among cultural spheres that is both combative,
self-interested, and non-violent.  An activity where judges are able to
fairly evaluate debates between debaters using varied styles and modes of
argument is not necessarily, and should not be, an activity based on
uninterrupted accord.  I'm not even sure how that would be possible.

On Fri, Aug 15, 2008 at 11:15 AM, Kevin Sanchez <
let_the_american_empire_burn at hotmail.com> wrote:

>  "Diversity that somehow constitutes itself as a harmonious ensemble of
> benign
> cultural spheres is a conservative and liberal model of multiculturalism
> that, in
> my mind, deserves to be jettisoned because, when we try to make culture an
> undisturbed space of harmony and agreement where social relations exist
> within cultural forms of uninterrupted accord, we ascribe to a form of
> social
> amnesia in which we forget that all knowledge is forged in histories that
> are
> played out in the field of social antagonisms."
> -- peter mclaren, quoted in bell hooks' 'teaching to transgress' (1994,
> p31).
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