[eDebate] Stopping the Snowball

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Fri Aug 15 16:35:29 CDT 2008


my point was, we can agree their behavior was unacceptable, yet disagree
with harsh punishments merely in response to bad publicity. sure, 'cursing
someone out' shouldn't be seen as acceptable behavior, but the acceptable
response to that bad behavior (within limits) is community disapproval, not
official sanction. we can agree with james roland, shanahan's actions (and
to a lesser degree reid-brinkley's) aren't the best way to serve our activity,
but reprimanding either of them now, only after some youtube video gets a
hundred thousand hits, sends exactly the wrong message. that message is,
the protection afforded by the forum for controversial, fiery rhetoric applies
only so long as administrators approve. if a line was crossed by the parties
at issue, they've been told not to cross it again; but the line that separates
debate as a free speech zone is now more to the point. 

and as for punishing debaters and coaches from fort hays state university,
the university of pittsburgh, or towson university, that's guilt by association
at its worst. are you really going to bench the squad that won c.e.d.a. for
something that happened after their round was over between professors
who are unaffiliated with their school? pitt wasn't even represented in the
debate, nor can i think of an instance in sports history when an entire team
was disqualified because their coach lost his or her temper.

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