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Very important--and expressed very well.
Your friend,
Paul Leader

> Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 11:35:35 -0400
> From: alfred.snider at uvm.edu
> To: edebate at ndtceda.com
> Subject: [eDebate] Prevention at Vermont
> When my administration asks me about the events in the news, I will say 
> that we have an excellent record of behaving ourselves. I will also 
> indicate that I have circulated the statement below to all of our 
> debaters and staff.
> Tuna
>     Members and staff of the Lawrence Debate Union represent the
>     University of Vermont at academic events all over the nation and the
>     world. As such, they are expected to act in a professional and
>     polite manner. Disagreement should always be respectful.
>     Professional and polite conduct is expected of all participating in
>     any events, at UVM and on the road.
>     We have a wonderful record of representing UVM, but our policies
>     should be clear. If you have questions about what is professional
>     and polite behavior please feel to ask the director, Alfred Snider.
>     Because of events at other schools I want to remind you of some of
>     the regulations found in the UVM student handbook about the behavior
>     of those in the university community.
>      >From http://www.uvm.edu/%7Euvmppg/ppg/student/studentcode.pdf
>         2) Threatening or causing non-physical abuse of or abusive
>         behavior toward another person, including, but not limited to,
>         verbal or written statements that constitute a form of
>         expression unprotected by law, such as obscenity, fighting
>         words, or defamation. Non- physical abuse means psychological
>         abuse or abusive behavior through oral or written statements
>         that are intended or could reasonably be foreseen to cause
>         disruption, embarrassment, humiliation, shame, fright, grief, or
>         intimidation.
>         12) Elimination of bodily fluids or waste, such as urine, feces,
>         vomit, or blood, in places or receptacles not designed for
>         receipt of such substances.
>         13) Indecent exposure, including ?flashing? and all exposure
>         prohibited by Vermont law.
>         3) Classroom Disruption Offenses. Students who engage in
>         behavior that disrupts a classroom, laboratory, or other
>         environment in which educational or research activity takes
>         place may be subject to disciplinary action under this Code.
>         Disruptive classroom conduct means engaging in behavior that
>         substantially or repeatedly interrupts either the instructor?s
>         ability to teach or student learning. For purposes of this
>         provision, the classroom extends to any setting where a student
>         is involved in work toward academic credit or satisfaction of
>         program-based requirements or related activities.
> -- 
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