[eDebate] Zomp

Zompetti, Joseph jpzompe
Sat Aug 16 17:59:09 CDT 2008

At least I sign my posts.
Read the full quote that Hester graciously provided...it still "reads" as a slam on the community -- that even if the frequency of fights has decreased since 1989, the tensions in the community, even among friends, leads to fights.
I read nothing into the post.  And whoever you are, I'll put my "scholarly" record against yours anyday.
You should pick a fight with someone else.


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Still a little bitter towards Hester over getting called out for your vacuous first round bid rankings or do you need to re-evaluate your skills and abilities as a "scholar" and actually read things like bid sheets, articles, and posts before you respond to them in a public forum?

Mercer and ISU must be proud.....awkward....

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