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Sat Aug 16 18:38:40 CDT 2008

Lol....or what?  You'll rough me up?  Pull a Shanahan and moon me?  Settle
down Zomp...theres a Copeland contender or two out there that need block 25s
and to be ranked 123rd.

I don't think that its a reach to consider the scope of the article and
Hester's interview to be a positive perspective about this activity and
during this stupid CEDA fight business I think thats a good thing.  Just
because you have some bastardized interpretation of what Hester was getting
at doesn't mean you need to tell him to not talk to news outlets and it
wreaks of bitterness because YOU got punked on this listserv by Hester (and
admittedly others) because YOU are so detached from the community that you
can't even get the rankings close.

I couldn't give two shits about my scholarly record or yours, merely
remarking on the fact that despite your reputation as a scholar, you can
neither fill out a bid sheet with one and two digit numbers with any amount
of efficacy nor can you divorce your personal biases from your reading.
(Well either that or you can't read)

As for signing my posts, at least I answer your claims...your denial of
bitterness towards Hester was notably absent.  More importantly, who gives a
shit who I am?  I'm merely an observer of the widespread idiocy and
delusions of self-importance on this listserv.  Not saying that I'm not
going to participate in it, merely saying I am also going to point it out
when I see it too.  Consider yourself notified.


P.S.:  If you need help with this whole eDebate thing, there is a place you
can go.  Here's a link:
http://www.ndtceda.com/pipermail/edebate/2008-April/074464.html.  Hope you
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