[eDebate] Fall Out & The High School Worl

David Glass gacggc
Mon Aug 18 11:45:11 CDT 2008

Just to make Tara's point more bluntly - it would be suicide for any
high school coach
to speak to parents in the way that Kevin suggested.

On the high school teams I coached, it was a one-strike-and-you're-out
rule on drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes (yes - if you smoked one
cigarette at a tournament you were off the team).

These images are potentially devastating for high school programs -
and the quotes that have
been posted, and given to the media, where other coaches seem to
normalize these behaviors ("this is no big deal") are
counter-productive, to say the least, and, also false... these
behaviors are not normal or usual - so why would anyone think it is ok
to make it them seem like they are not unexpected in debate?    It is
shocking to see debate people who are so clueless as to the effect
of their words.

David Glass
(also a former NDCA president)

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