[eDebate] Fall Out & The High School World

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Mon Aug 18 13:37:48 CDT 2008

hester's comments have received undue criticism in my view for apparently
'normalizing bad behavior'. yet his point wasn't that incidents like these are
frequent, but that we should be careful not to judge them inconsistently. the
reason that a video like this shocks people *is precisely because* it rarely
occurs in this activity. if someone linked you to two coaches getting in each
other's faces during a baseball game, you'd probably reply back, 'so what's
new?'. that's because in that sport, yelling, 'not backing down' *has been*
ritualized. what's more, 'the fall out' itself reveals that there's little threat
of debate ever getting to that place. following mike's reasoning, there's no
problem with stating the obvious - in any human activity with people who
care in it, whether it's thanksgiving dinner or high school football, there'll
be angry outbursts. what distinguishes this activity is that when it happens
here, *it's actually news*. that's why this shanahan only has 80,000 views...


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