[eDebate] Fall Out & The High School World

McNeil Debate mcneil.debate
Mon Aug 18 16:34:07 CDT 2008

I'm not calling for Bill's job, or anyone else's, and haven't at any
point, either in this forum or any other.  To conflate my arguments
with those is neither accurate nor fair.

I'm sorry if my words convey that I'm looking down on the college
community.  I certainly don't have any sort of "hey dummies" mindset.
I respect the majority of people that post on this board, despite
never having met them or even seen them in person.  You would be
included on that list.

My second post is a response that is merely trying to respond to what
seems to be, by and large, the message of, "So what... deal with it."
I am, and I will.  Again, I didn't come here for help.  I just wanted
to contribute a viewpoint to the discussion that only an outsider can
have.  I'll go play on cross-x now and leave you college people alone.

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