[eDebate] Fall Out & The High School World

Josh jbhdb8
Mon Aug 18 17:46:26 CDT 2008

What Mike is saying is not that you are in any way calling for Bill or
anyone else's job...Mike was saying his own primary concern is with the well
being of fellow college coaches who might be in danger.

In addition, he is saying that given that all of us are "horrified" it
happened we are certainly not endorsing that it happened.  There is a
difference between defending debate and our colleagues and endorsing what
happened after that round.  It made all of our lives more difficult and
yours too...Nobody is happy about that.  Nobody is excited to be the star of
the next debate youtube video (at least nobody with working brain cells).

I would also like to add that in my over 20 years of debate this is one of
about three altercations I have ever seen that were even remotely similar to
this.  Pretty hard to paint the majority of college debate, college debate
coaches, or college debate teams with this brush.  It would seem that this
should be true for high school coaches as well.


On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 5:34 PM, McNeil Debate <mcneil.debate at gmail.com>wrote:

> I'm not calling for Bill's job, or anyone else's, and haven't at any
> point, either in this forum or any other.  To conflate my arguments
> with those is neither accurate nor fair.
> I'm sorry if my words convey that I'm looking down on the college
> community.  I certainly don't have any sort of "hey dummies" mindset.
> I respect the majority of people that post on this board, despite
> never having met them or even seen them in person.  You would be
> included on that list.
> My second post is a response that is merely trying to respond to what
> seems to be, by and large, the message of, "So what... deal with it."
> I am, and I will.  Again, I didn't come here for help.  I just wanted
> to contribute a viewpoint to the discussion that only an outsider can
> have.  I'll go play on cross-x now and leave you college people alone.
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