[eDebate] the CEDA response is sickening

Richard Saunders ben.frank08
Fri Aug 22 16:42:53 CDT 2008

Actually, Douche bags can be used by men or women, gay, straight and
bisexual- but (like adult diapers) are always foul and unpleasant (the
sentiment I tried to express in my comment).  In fact a quick survey of
several medical websites shows that it  "can refer to the rinsing of any
body cavity".

But I guess the risk of violating civility means I should retract my
statement.  Adam Jackson does not have douche bagitis and it would not be a
bad thing if he did.

The rest of my post stands.

PS- I apologize for not wholly grasping your position.  But, if we ever meet
I will probably understand why you are so in depth on the douche bag lit

On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 3:22 PM, Christopher Thomas <
christopher.scott.thomas at gmail.com> wrote:

> I don't really think criticizing civility and throwing people under the bus
> can can be proven or powerful when you use the term 'douche' to describe
> someone.
> It may be the feminist in me but it seems deeming someone a douche, in a
> public forum nonetheless, has hidden sexist agendas-whether you mean it or
> not. (if you want the explanation, I will give it)
> Ah, proof of hidden and invisible sexism in debate. Awesome.
> But no, no, no let's get back to the witch hunt and use it as an excuse for
> your anger and your usage of heteronormative terminology.
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