[eDebate] the CEDA response is sickening

Christopher Thomas christopher.scott.thomas
Fri Aug 22 17:10:03 CDT 2008

look, I am not trying to argue. My point is that we should probably not use
certain words in a public forum that could offend someone. If you wish to
get defensive fine, but it seems your post proved why using the term is bad.

"(like adult diapers) are always foul and unpleasant"

We now equate foul and unpleasant with a physical object that women use on
their bodies.

finally, I think the homo here understands douches can be used by men and
women. but there is a fundamental difference...my homos use douches as a
form of cleansing before anal intercourse. Women use them as a object to be
"cleaner" because men dont want their female counterpart to be dirty.

And I would like to think the P.S. part of your post was not meant to sound
rude-but I am beginning to think otherwise. If you are upset over someone
questioning your language and asking you to use different words then I would
need to question your maturity and civility. But then again we are on
edebate and people think they can get away with whatever they want to say
because we are not face to face with them. (if your P.S. was not meant rude,
then ignore that)
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