[eDebate] on the "CEDA Statement"

Mike Davis davismk13
Sat Aug 23 13:14:31 CDT 2008

This is why every region should work to ensure that they have
representation at the CEDA summer meeting. The constitution was
recently amended to make the summer meeting a business meeting so
everyone should assume that important business will continue to occur
there. If you are concerned about CEDA's actions regarding norms and
procedures, the location of CEDA nats or other important
organizational business then you should work to make sure you region
is represented. It is a shame that we often have to deputize people
from regions to get business done.

This is not a comment about the current situation. If someone else
wants to engage why the issue was not dealt with via e-mail then go
ahead. My point is just that regional reps (or a proxy) should show up
for the meetings.


On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 8:43 PM, matt stannard <stannardmatt at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I am the Rocky Mountain Regional Representative of CEDA.  I just want to
> say, for the record, that the first time I heard or saw anything about
> CEDA's statement in response to Professor Shanahan's and the Fort Hays
> program's termination was when Darren Elliot posted onto edebate that the
> statement had been drafted and released.  There was no email communication
> to the rest of the CEDA leadership either announcing or calling for feedback
> on the construction and release of this statement.  I am not saying that the
> President, VP and 2VP didn't have the constitutional right to draft and
> release the statement without the approval or deliberation of the rest of
> the CEDA government (I don't know if they did or not, and I apologize for my
> ignorance concerning that) but I just want to say that the statement does
> not necessarily reflect the views of every member of the CEDA
> government--nor were we consulted or invited to deliberate on the statement.
> Matt Stannard
> Director, Wyoming Speech and Debate Union
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