[eDebate] Shame On All of You! You are all responsible for this

Kelly Young kel1773
Sat Aug 23 19:40:34 CDT 2008

Anonymous Tom posts:

"In a lot of ways ? you all (mostly) deserve this. I'll say that one more

time ? you, being the majority (although not entirety) of the community

deserve this. You've made your bed ? live with it."

This is about the third or forth post since Bill's firing that makes some ridiculously broad claim about "everyone" in debate. Either "all of us poo-poo" on Josh's comment, we justified 
censorship or now we've all made our bed because "all we do is talk about -isms all day."  Look, I don't know who you are talking about since the majority (mostly all of us) don't engage in this style of debate or projects, we didn't sanction FHSU's actions, we didn't ignore Josh's post about publicity, etc. Stop with the overly broad generalizations already. If our discourse about solutions are going to develop out of these kind of broad and highly inaccurate broad strokes, we aren't going to get very far. 

Additionally, I'm very tired of these lame anonymous posts. If you can't write an email in a constructive fashion and thus fear retaliation, then don't post or find a better way to make your point. 


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