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Josh jbhdb8
Tue Dec 2 13:34:34 CST 2008

Hello everyone,

I hope that all is well and that you all are enjoying debating about
agricultural issues this year.  It turns out that I now work at the
International Food Policy Research Institute and spend my day researching
many of the same things that all of you do.  At this point, I am on a team
for a new project sponsored by the Gates Foundation and we are looking for
people to submit nominations.  I thought that all of you who spend your free
time researching, thinking about, and debating these issues may be
interested; maybe it's a good opportunity to bridge your debate work and
research/policymaking in the "real world".  If you have any questions feel
free to contact me directly (k.cunningham at cgiar.org).

I am pleased to invite you to respond to, and share widely, a call for
nominations for a new IFPRI initiative on "Millions Fed: Proven Successes in
Agricultural Development." To submit a nomination or nominations, please
visit www.ifpri.org/millionsfed.

The Millions Fed project, supported by The Bill & Melinda Gates
Foundation, will
document evidence on "what works" in agriculture?what sorts of policies,
programs, and investments in pro-poor agricultural development have had a
proven impact on hunger and food security.

We invite nominations highlighting interventions that have had a significant
impact on food security, including those that have empowered women and
vulnerable groups to improve their livelihoods. Nominations may include, for
example, research and extension programs that have improved on-farm yields
and outputs for small-scale farmers; public investment programs that have
helped food-insecure consumers meet their daily nutritional requirements and
accumulate assets; community-led efforts that have conserved soil, water,
forests, and biodiversity; or market-based interventions that have
strengthened the ability of small-scale farmers and food-insecure consumers
to gain access to production inputs, rural services, and agricultural

Please submit your nominations by December 31, 2008. Nominated interventions
will be reviewed by a panel of international experts and, if selected,
highlighted in the Millions Fed global communications initiative.  For more
information on the selection criteria, nomination process, and the Millions
Fed project in general, please see the attached flyer or visit

We encourage you to share this call for nominations with colleagues in your
organization and networks. Please feel free to contact the IFPRI Millions
Fed team at IFPRI-MillionsFed at cgiar.org if you have any questions or would
like further information.

With best regards,



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*Joachim's Signature:*

Joachim von Braun
Director General
International Food Policy Research Institute
2033 K Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006-1002 (USA)
Tel. 1-202-862-6496
Fax. 1-202-467-4439
Email: j.vonbraun at cgiar.org
web: www.ifpri.org

*Rajul's Signature:*

*Rajul Pandya-Lorch (Ms.)*
Chief of Staff, Director General's Office,* and*
Head, 2020 Vision Initiative
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
2033 K Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006, USA
Tel: 1-202-862-8185
Fax: 1-202-467-4439
EM: r.pandya-lorch at cgiar.org
Web: www.ifpri.org/2020chinaconference/index.htm

*David's Signature:*

David J. Spielman

Research Fellow

International Food Policy Research Institute

PO Box 5689

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

tel: +251.11.6172505

mbl: +251.911.414949
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