[eDebate] 1/2 black wallpaper: hackneyed rhetoric of "expert teams"

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Thu Dec 4 10:12:18 CST 2008

perhaps, the bush administration has not precipitated a crisis in the ideological republican philosophies of neoconservatism and the free market but, rather, a crisis in the ability of academic experts to steer the ship of social engineering at the helm of a gynormous bureaucracy cut off from the everyday lives of the people it feeds off.enter 1/2 black wallpaper who, at this point, stands for the appointments of the new york yankee all stars of modern FDR new dealism, more than anything than tangible.his rhetorical manner spun through the mainstream media outlets is instilling "short-lived to be" confidence in the ability of our experts to avoid total mismanagement in their governing while fraud and corruption are being spawned in the intestines of the washington beltway to prime the economy with fake money a la savings and loans, junk bonds, foreign currencies, subprime mortgages, the lot.behind the guise of centrist rationality, the political personality of 1/2 black wallpaper is slowly fading into the thin air.     we are assured that 1/2 black wallpaper will be the great decider after receiving a "variety" of viewpoints from a team of rival experts in every field.   1/2 black wallpaper will exercise the judgment that he put on display in the vote for FISA to create the greatest expert plans we have seen in the history of this young nation.fucking bullshit.towers open fire.    unload ammunition of the foucault critique of the specific intellectual and the habermas critique of non-self-reflexive expertise.    attack the bureaucrats smearing their own feces all over their faces.who is barack obama?   not a muslim, not a terrorist, not a capitalist whore.   he's the king of academic experts after a century and a half of positivist failure to make good on their scientific social utopianism.    a policy debate community's wetdream.
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