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Dear Colleagues, 

Attached and pasted below is the invitation to the 2009 WFA tournament co-hosted this year with ASU and GCC. The tournament will include an IE swing as well as npda, policy and 4-team debate. Please join us. 

Two important notes: 1. hotel block closes soon. Please make reservations soon. Unlike previous years, competitions will be held on campus. You are not obligated to have hotel rooms to cover entries. 

2. The invite is subject to minor changes in schedule and for items such as whom to make checks out to. We have been figuring the final details long distance. Changes should be minor. 

Questions--please contact me at dbuescher at ups.edu

Derek Buescher
WFA President/WSCA Speech Activities Coordinator
Associate Professor and Director of Forensics
University of Puget Sound

Western States Communication Association,
Arizona State University, and Glendale Community College WFA Forensics Tournament
Tempe, Arizona
February 13-15, 2009

The Western Forensics Association, Arizona State University, and Glendale Community College are pleased to invite you to the Western States Communication Association Annual Forensic Tournament to be held in Tempe, Arizona February, 13-15, 2009. Many forensic directors attend the WSCA conference following the tournament and some even provide an opportunity for some of their students to do the same. This tournament is designed to provide excellent competition for your students as well as academic enrichment for yourself, other members of your forensic staff, and students. We hope you will be able to take advantage of this excellent opportunity. 

This year?s WSCA forensic tournament will be on the ASU campus and will contain the annual GCC Individual Events Swing tournament. The tournament hotel is a short distance from the Convention hotel in Mesa (approximately 8 miles). The location enables faculty and student integration between the tournament and the conference. We will continue to work with the WSCA Executive Council to enable you and your students opportunities to participate in both the tournament and the conference, including the undergraduate scholars conference. 

The 2009 Tournament will feature CEDA/NDT, NPDA style parliamentary, BP/4-team style debate and individual events. 

Tournament Hotel
The tournament hotel is the Courtyard Marriot Tempe Downtown, 601 South Ash Avenue, Tempe, AZ, 85281, (480) 966-280. We have negotiated room rates for $99.00 per room (plus tax). You may wish to take advantage of the Millennium rates (less than the conference hotel) if you plan to stay in the area for the WSCA conference. Unlike past years, competition will not take place in the hotel. Thus you are not required to reserve rooms to cover your competition numbers. 

Each school is responsible to make their own reservations at the hotel. The reservation deadline is January 12, 2009. Our block of room will be released after this date and the rates will become more expensive. Individual reservations must be made by 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time on the cut off date. To make reservations, contact Marriott reservations at 1 (800) 321-2211 or (480) 966-2800. When making your reservations indicate you are with the ?Arizona State University Western States Forensics Tournament.? A valid major credit card or other satisfactory deposit must secure reservations. 

The entry deadline is 5:00 p.m. Monday, February 9, 2009. Entries should be at www.forensicstournament.net under the WSCA Tournament. If you have difficulty making reservations please contact Derek Buescher at dbuescher at ups.edu. Any changes after Wednesday, February 11 should be e-mailed. 

Eligibility and Divisions
Any regularly enrolled undergraduate college student may represent the school at which they are pursuing a degree. In individual events, students may participate in open division, but only those students with less than four semesters of collegiate competition in individual events may participate in junior division. Similarly, all debaters may compete in open division. Only those students with less than four full semesters of college debate experience may participate in junior division.

Individual Events:
The WSCA tournament follows the rules of the AFA NIET. Students may enter a maximum of three individual events per pattern, and only two if one of the events is extemp. Students with multiple entries in a pattern are responsible for getting to their competition rooms on time. The tabulation staff will make every effort to localize competition rooms, but this may be out of our control. It is the student?s responsibility to make it within the allotted time to their events.

Pattern A: Extemp, Informative, CA, DI, POI, Poetry 
Pattern B: Impromptu, Persuasive, ADS, Prose, Duo

We will offer the standard NPDA and CEDA debate along with 4-team debate (also called World Universities Debate or British Parliamentary Debate). Only four total teams, designated at registration, may earn sweepstakes points. NPDA Debate will follow the rules of the National Parliamentary Debate Association. Four-team debate is contingent upon sufficient entries. 

Finding qualified judges is frequently a problem at the WSCA tournament. We will gladly hire you if you can judge beyond your commitment. If you know of qualified individuals who would like to be hired, please have them contact the Speech Activities Coordinator, Derek Buescher at dbuescher at ups.edu.

Each institution must provide at least one qualified judge. Judges must possess a BA or equivalent degree, or obtain Speech Activities Coordinator?s prior approval. One judge covers two debate teams and six IE slots. In the event the tournament is unable to provide judging to cover a school?s entries, the school may be required to withdraw students from competition. If you have a particular problem meeting your institution?s judging requirements contact the Speech Activities Coordinator.

We are trying to keep fees low, but hired judges are very expensive. We have lowered fees from last year, however campus facilities service requires an additional cleaning fee. For this reason, we have a facilities fee to cover this expense. 

Tournament 1 Fees (includes all debate and first IE Tournament)
School fee $50.00 per school
Facility fee	 $30.00 per school
Debate entry fee	 $50.00 per team
Individual event entry fee $ 7.00 per contestant per event
Hired debate judges $100.00 per uncovered debate team (one judge covers two teams)
Hired events judges	 $15.00 per uncovered IE slot (one judge covers 6 slots)

Fees will be assessed as of 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Please make checks payable to University of Puget Sound.

Tournament 2 Fees: (Includes 2nd IE Tournament on Sunday)
School Fee	 $20.00	
IE Entry	 $7.00 per slot
Hired Judge Fee	 $15.00 per uncovered slot (one judge covers 6 slots)

Fees will be assessed as of 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Please make checks payable to Glendale Community College Forensics.

Awards will be presented to finalists in all events. Sweepstakes awards will be presented for debate, individual events, and overall excellence. The second Individual Event tournament will not count toward sweepstakes. Sweepstakes awards will be based on the following point system:

1st place IE	 9 points
2nd place IE	 7 points
3rd place IE	 4 points
Finalists IE	 2 points
4-team First Place	 12 points
4-team Second Place	 10 points
4-team Third Place	 8 points
4-team Fourth Place	 6 points
Policy, or Parli debate First Place	 20 points
Policy, or Parli debate Second Place	 16 points
Policy, or Parli debate semi-finalist	 10 points
Policy, or Parli debate quarter-finalist	 6 points
Policy, or Parli debate octa-finalist	 2 points

Tournament Schedule
Note?Debaters advancing past the second elimination debate in NPDA and BP and all CEDA debaters will not be able to compete Pattern A events during the second half of the IE swing tournament on Sunday. Any necessary refunds will be paid on Sunday. 

Friday, February 13, 2009
8:30	 Parli, Worlds Round 1
10:30	 Parli, Worlds Round 2
12:00	 Lunch
12:30	 Pattern A Round 1
2:15	 Parli, Worlds Round 3
4:15	 Pattern A Round 2 
6:00	 Parli, Worlds Round 4

Saturday, February 14, 2009
8:00	 Policy Debate Round 1
8:00	 Pattern B Round 1
9:45	 Parli and Worlds Round 5 
11:00	 Policy Round 2
11:45 Pattern B Round 2 
1:30	 Parli and Worlds Round 6
2:30	 Policy Round 3	
3:15	 IE Semis Pattern A/B
4:45	 Parli and Worlds Elim 1 
5:30	 Policy Round 4
6:30	 IE Finals Pattern A/B
7:15	 Awards?IE Results and Speaker Awards

Sunday, February 15, 2009
8:00	 Policy Round 5, Topic Announce Parli and Worlds Elim 2
9:45 Pattern A Round 1
10:00	 Parli and Worlds Elim 3
11:00 Policy Round 6
11:30	 Pattern A Round 2
11:45	 Parli and Worlds Elim 4, if necessary
1:30	 Pattern B Round 1
2:30	 Policy Elim 1
3:30	 IE Elim 1
5:30	 IE Elim 2
5:30	 Policy Elim 2
7:00	 IE Awards
8:30	 Policy Elim 3 if necessary

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