[eDebate] Blood Quantum Task Force

Joshua Lachewitz jlachew1
Sun Dec 14 20:21:30 CST 2008

Hello all,

I am trying to jump start an initiative that would help make
productive changes to the manner in which Washington recognizes and
confers benefits to Native Americans.  This is an ongoing project that
began as an assignment for a course I took here at Hopkins (Genocide
as a Philosophical Problem).  The motivation for the project came from
a rather unsettling realization I had when reflecting on the blood
quantum v. self-identification debate: some time in the future, a
genocide scholar may remark that either rigid blood quantum levels or
self-identification was the last tool used in the Native American
genocide.  (From my research, it appears that blood quantum puts
culture at risk due to diminishing tribal membership, while
self-identification allows for the possibility of a growing membership
with little historical or cultural connection to the tribe.)

While I have no idea whether or not I am posting on this the right
way, I am hoping that anyone that feels so inclined will get back to
me with files, sources, articles, etc.  If you are interested in
contributing a bit of time to the initiative, either email/GChat me
(jlachew1 at jhu.edu or vaporizen at gmail.com) or check out my facebook
group (Blood Quantum Task Force --


Joshua Lachewitz

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