[eDebate] First Ever 2nd Vice Presidential Debates

Darren Elliott delliott
Sun Dec 14 20:46:35 CST 2008


It is with great excitement I announce that for the first time in the collective memory of CEDA, that the candidates vying for the 2nd VP spot have agreed to "debate".  Currently 4 of the 5 campaigns have agreed and while still waiting to hear from the 5th candidate, plans are underway for this new CEDA endeavor.

I have offered to and am coordinating the effort with the candidates while also agreeing to moderate the debate(s).  I am consulting with the candidates and we are working on format(s) and possibilities.  As more details become available, I will make them known.  In the meantime, you may want to wait to vote until after the candidates have had their say.  While all have posted statements, the debates hope to focus on specific content, timelines, initiatives, etc.  The ballot will be made available shortly, but over the course of the next month, while the ballot is available, these debates will take place.

At one time or another I have had the opportunity to work with all of the candidates.  I consider them all colleagues and friends.  While they may not agree with each other on certain issues or approaches, and while the individual candidates and I may have disagreed from time to time, I can assure you that all of them have a commitment to debate, to CEDA, and moving us forward.  I look forward to this opportunity for all of us!

Look for more updates soon!

Darren Elliott
Director of Debate and Forensics--KCKCC
CEDA President

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