[eDebate] fitz renews interest in obama-rezko land deal

Old Strega oldstrega
Tue Dec 16 10:03:43 CST 2008

one card to lure your interest.    the rest of the article is great and proves that obama may prove worse than dubya.    right now, pre-election, with the scandals spiraling out of control, edge goes to dubya for having the intelligence to have rove cover all the tracks.       obama is a worse cheater and in over his head.   http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=83760Kenneth J. Conner told WND he was interviewed by investigators from Fitzgerald's office regarding the purchase of the Obama mansion and the adjacent vacant lot that Rezko's wife, Rita, purchased simultaneously. As WND reported last week, Connor filed a civil complaint in October with the Illinois Circuit Court in Cook County alleging he was fired by Mutual Bank of Harvey, Ill., because he objected to land appraisals submitted on behalf of the Rezkos and the Obamas, with the complicity of the bank.Connor previously confirmed to WND that he told the FBI, months ago, when he initially was fired, that the bank and the Rezkos were engaged in "fraud, bribes or kickbacks, use whatever term you want," to benefit the Obamas.Connor said his lawyer, Glenn R. Gaffney, also has been interviewed by the FBI about the Rezko-Obama deal within the past 10 days.
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