[eDebate] topic--controversy papers

Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Wed Dec 17 20:01:12 CST 2008

hi all--happy holiday season.  enjoying the debate for ceda admin.   Ellis, Russell, Elliot, Keenan, M. Davis...quite the panel!

this is just a little reminder to consider writing a controversy paper or helping with an existing one.  Gordon Stables, Chair of the Committee, has put together a very useful description of the process:


Also (and slightly related), we've had a USFG topic for almost twice as long as Bush has been in office...it's time for a change (even if small).  It starts with good controversy papers that lay out the possibilities for diverse phrases and wordings.  An option for a wording written in the passive voice, for a wording with a non-USFG agent, for a wording with fewer than about twenty words, or for another type of wording off the beaten path is possible, but it will need to be well-defended in a controversy paper, a wording paper, or both.  have fun with it!


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