[eDebate] Topic Area thought--taboo topics

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Thu Dec 18 13:07:43 CST 2008

I thought perhaps a resolution along the following lines:

The United States Federal Government should legalize and/or constitutionally
protect one or more of the following: human body modification; marriage between
two consenting adults, regardless of their sex; polygamy; beastiality and/or
zoophilia; prostitution; possession and/or use of one or more Schedule 4 drugs;
suicide; sexual relations between aduts and minors.

Obviously the area deals with taboo topics. It is heavy on the politcs of
sexuality. But I also think drug usage and suicie fall within the list of
taboo/forbidden fruit issues. Drug usage and suicide could be easily deleted to
focus the debate exclusively on the issues of society and sexuality. I think it
would be interesting for people to explore these taboo areas. The critical
ground is obvious. The inherency is pretty straight forward. I think with some
research and adjustments, this would be a good topic area. If anyone thinks
this may have legs, I will be willing to put some work into a proposal.

 Scott Elliott

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