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scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Thu Dec 18 14:03:37 CST 2008

There won't be any jokes in this post. Why? Because the debate resolution
is one of the most important issues that CEDA works on every year. I take this
more seriously than anything else this organization does. When a topic sucks,
the whole year of debate sucks. Bad resolutions make for bad debates. If you
are serious about debate topics and how to craft good debate topics, please go
back and read my genetic engineering topic paper from last year.


It gives you an idea of exactly where I am coming from when it comes to crafting
a good resolution. It also shows you the type of research and analysis I will
pursue in crafting an adequate topic. If you have a specific question, please
e-mail me and I will try to provide you with an answer.

Summary of what I will work toward if elected to the Topic Committee.:

We should have a unidirectional resolution, focused on one subject area of
public controversy, that allows affirmative teams the ability to craft plans
that are topical and defensible against PICs. In light of the growth of
negative strategies, affirmatives need more flexibility. The topic should
require a substantialchange from status quo policies.  This makes advantages
and disadvantages unique. Negative teams should have a reasonable expectation
of what their counter-plan, disad, and critical ground will be if the
affirmative runs a topical plan. The current Topic Committee is trying to
micro-manage affirmative plans via the resolution. I will always strive to give
the community a real choice between a restrictive resolution and a broadly
worded resolution that meets the goals I have stated.

I think Russia or Latin America are the two leading topic areas. Both are fine
areas (I really do). However, the real work will be crafting resolutions that
are not overly broad. In a perfect world, I'd love to have us vote on the topic
areas earlier, then spend much, much more time contemplating resolutions. I
think the biggest problem the Topic Committee faces is the rush to craft a
slate of resolutions within a 2 or 3 day time period. More contemplation is

Believe it or not, I work well with others.

Scott Elliott


You could kill two birds with one stone. Elect me CEDA 2nd V.P. and I will be on
the Topic Committee.

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