[eDebate] Questions for the candidates

Alfred Snider alfred.snider
Fri Dec 19 05:43:33 CST 2008

I am a former CEDA president and I ran for this office. During my term I 
did two things which might have, in retrospect, been bad ideas:

    * File the motion for one year-long policy topic so that NDT schools
      would debate our topic. We did not merge formally, but by debating
      the same topic we did functionally.
    * Adopted mutually preferred judging at CEDA nationals.

I wish that I had been more forcefully questioned on my proposals.

I have some tough questions for the candidates.

They may be tough and personal, but you all seem to want to jump out 
into the open on this.

I am worried that if I just post them people will be mad at me.

With permission I will offer 3-4 questions to each candidate, but only 
with permission.

Vik, Andy, Mike, Scott, Jason you know that I can be a hard boiled 
asshole at times, so feel free to decline. They may involve issues from 
your past and may not be particularly pleasant, but I think they are 

I have different questions for different people.

Please think about it.

It happens only with your permission.


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