[eDebate] Please Finalize UNT Entries

Lain, Brian blain
Fri Dec 19 17:04:44 CST 2008


If you have not entered the UNT debate tournament for Jan 6-8, 2009 and you plan on attending, please do so at your earliest convenience.  The tournament is shaping up nicely and will host three divisions of quality competition.

I have spoken with the hotel and they are currently sold out of double rooms.  If you have extra that you do not think you need, please contact me, or Jennifer Maynard at the Holiday Inn.  The hotel is being very gracious and we plan on having a reception there in addition to our usual coaches' receptions.

Please try to finalize your bodies/meal information at debateresults.com.  It is especially important that we know how many vegans/vegetarians as well as a total body count for your party so that we can plan accordingly.

Further, because we are over the break, I would like to allow more time for people to do judge preferences, but in order to turn the system on, I need to have people complete all changes to entries but especially judging.  We are committed to releasing the presets at registration and in order to honor preferences I would like to be able to turn the preference entry on before Jan 1st.

However, in order for that to be feasible, all entries must be completed.

Look forward to further announcements concerning internet access on campus, campus parking, and entertainment in Denton.

-Brian Lain

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