[eDebate] Question for Tuna About Second Life Debates

James Maritato james.maritato
Tue Dec 23 09:52:09 CST 2008



I posted this to eDebate because I was hoping you might elaborate a little
more on what these debates are about and such.  World's, policy, a public
debate format?  I noted in your article that "points of information will be
allowed" so I'm presuming it's Worlds (in which case you probably can't
answer the next question).   What's the resolution/motion?  Can I be in one
and run hypercap bad?! :-)  Virtual landwars?!  The Linden Dollar Econ

You know a long time ago, way before I was directing anything, I remember
when Marist and Vermont held the first debate on Internet II.  Definitely
cool to see debate reach a new Internet medium.  Of course now I want to
login to Second Life, create debate tubs and a virtual Planet Debate and
start selling intellectual property like mad!

Very cool stuff.

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