[eDebate] Northwestern Tournament- Update

Luke Hill lukephill
Wed Dec 24 14:41:56 CST 2008

Hi Folks - two quick things:

1) Wanted to correct one thing in the automatic edebate post for the Owen L.
Coon tournament - we will have 7 prelims, not 8 as the automatic
notification states.  That and a number of other important changes,
improvements, and additions are detailed in the invitation which is now
accessible via debateresults.com

2) Please note that the Hotel reservation deadline is rapidly approaching.
The contract stipulates that registrations should be made by January 16th,
which gives everyone about 20 days to get registered.  Wish I could have
worked it out to give people more time, but it has taken us months of
planning to get everything just right.  Please make your reservations

Last thing, we are really looking forward to having you all here in
February.  I always enjoyed debating at the Owen L. Coon as an undergrad,
and as we have made changes and additions we keep going back to the notion
that we should maximize the *debating experience *here as much as possible.
Providing lots of meals, moving your evidence for you, providing free
transportation to and from campus, and adding the Sunday night assistant's
workspace/reception have all been planned to let coaches coach and debaters
debate while keeping things like worrying about meals and where to park the
vans down to a minimum.

Please feel free to email me if I can be of any assistance whatsoever at
fitzmier at gmail.com.

On behalf of the Northwestern Debate Society, I would like to invite each of
you to our tournament.  Can't wait to see you here in Evanston.


Luke P. Hill
Program Coordinator
Northwestern Debate Society
847-467-0345 (o)
678-852-9280 (c)
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