[eDebate] Stannards question about in round content

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sat Dec 27 23:52:39 CST 2008

In round content should for the most part not be regulated.
I may go far as to say that the topic should be one of the topics, but thats
a different discussion

The law as much as any of us may or may not like it, is a good border line.
Federal, state, local, and campus laws and regulations to an extent already
regulate in round content, and we should not differ to far from those
definitions sub or super statutory regulations are the things most likely to
be successfully challenged in the event that we regulated something and
somebody filed a complaint or a suit. We should not punish or act upon
students who do things within the confines of the law. Students or judges
who do things that are not within the confines of the law should in
instances where the law has been invoked or involved be subject to
punishment. We are not in a good place to determine guilt or innocence, we
have neither the tools, nor the procedure to do so. However if in
round action violates the law and a student is duly processed by the law
then ceda should consider action against that student.

Really though outside of the law...i don't really think we should regulate
in round content.

This does not mean our current practices are good or that we should not
allow sexual harassment law or whatever, it means we should figure out
perhaps with the help of compliance experts how to gear our standards so
that our regulations on the content of the speech in rounds was in line with
the law.

Does this mean we tell the law on people who violate it? No. But it
also doesn't mean as an organization we suggest people deal with them

This is not the question Stannard asked, but in a sense it is...
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