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on this note:

At NCA I volunteered to work on an immigration based controversy paper,
probably with a labor policy focus.  The scholarship program I run at NYU is
a debate based competition, and I'm using this year's topic of immigration
reform as a bit of a lab for the paper.  The resolution I'm working with for
the competition is actually bidirectional (specifically broad), and the
students involved represent all levels and types of debate experience.  If
you're interested in working on this with me and we haven't spoken about it,
or if you have specific ideas or sources that would be helpful, please let
me know.  I'll also send out reminders after the NYU preliminary competition
based on the argument evolution from the students involved and the faculty

On Kevin's specific topic suggestion - if anyone is interested in writing a
UN actor based paper, I'd be happy to discuss my experiences with it as a
year long topic in the same competition (mostly positive - we kept an
advantage area focus of peacekeeping/building and a funding mechanism of UN
taxation, ie Tobin tax).  The resources from that topic are still easily
available for a research overview and I have videos of various (public)
debates from the competition.  It's basically a starting point - the
counterplan scenarios are there, the K links are pretty solid, and there's
case debate potential if we limited the area of the topic.

I assume the rewrite of Russia has begun .... (or maybe could begin with a
Moscow based actor option?)


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