[eDebate] Stannards question about in round content

bandana organizer lifer-hat
Sun Dec 28 02:01:40 CST 2008

Andy's last two messages were almost unreadable.

If Andy was just sending chatty email to the list, I wouldn't say anything. Since he is applying, however, for a job in which he needs to be able to communicate via text, I expected him to demonstrate basic competence at grammar and punctuation.

These emails should be embarrassing to anyone with a high school diploma. Nobody expects perfection, but please learn to use the shift key or spend one afternoon learning about commas.

Andy, are you sure your writing is up to this task? If you send out another answer like these, can you respond with the kind of writing you would use in the 3a.m. press release you alluded to a few weeks ago?

Send e-mail faster without improving your typing skills.

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