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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Dec 28 18:31:20 CST 2008

Answering Bandana Organizer.

Yes i write chatty occasionally incoherent emails to edebate. That forum is
particularly well suited to such things. As it is to anonymous posters. I
like it, i would keep it as one of the options, but not require kerpen to on
his own maintain the communication structure.

Aside from the nasty chilling discourse that drives most people away from
this forum, there are some arguments

Do you intend to make people care about tech and ceda?

Yes. People care about tech and debate right now, some of them care about it
at the level of their team, others care about it for the community.
Currently the organization relies on the latter to establish and maintain
all of the information systems  community  practice rests on. By the
community i mean the hundreds of people who use debate results,
the caselist, and edebate on a daily basis. All of these people care about
how debate and tech interact now,

The problem is that debate and ceda are not really seen as synonymous, but
for ceda's mission to be fulfilled they need to be.

Providing useful content and functional services through a centralized web
site  would go along way toward that goal, and it could ease the burden on
the members who support those systems singlehandedly now.

This i'll quote "  Do you really think getting a meeting with an MBA is easy
for CEDA but tough for coaches who work at universities"

In a word yes.


This is CEDA's most recent 990 form from the IRS. In addition to some
interesting budget information (we will get back to that in a second) it
also certifies that ceda is recognized as a 501 c3 organization.

Looking at the 990 tells you a lot about the organization. It explains ways
that a non profit organization can earn and spend money.

For example Line 1 :Contributions, gifts, grants and
similar amounts received.You will notice CEDA's is zero.
Lines 5-6 dealing with fundraising and special events is also 0.

This also probably relates to the way the expenses column works as well.
The point being CEDA has the power to receive support and funding that it is
not currently using.

Programs like grassroots.org provide project consulting to non profit
organizations http://www.grassroots.org/services/sv-consulting.
They are not at all alone. Search Social Venture volunteering.
Universities are also non profits, but the whole university is the non
profit, and it usually involves a decent amount more work to get a larger
organization like a university or its foundation to use its one account to
support the organization the debate team is part of. The reason large
universities dont want to support grants for ceda? Because ceda should do it

CEDA could raise money, easily, we have talented writers, researchers, and
program directors who could contribute grant writing work, trust me some
people would do it. If they raised $25,000 k (not an unattainable goal) they
could pay students, grad students, and others to contribute to the
organization. No body would have a full time job, but work could certainly
receive more compensation then now. Eventually we could raise funds to pay
for nationals, organizational capacity building and professional
development, but thats a different conversation.

Back to the MBA question though.

We need to get good at using our status to benefit the organization
by benefiting its stakeholders and potential partners. Tax exemption gives
us the ability to do it, and we are lucky we don't have to rely on our
universities. We need to develop a program that allows us to seek donated
professional services in a way that provides tangible tax deductions to
those willing to do work for the organization. Yes MBA's will do it, so will
lawyers, and web designers. The organization i work for has all of these
services donated, and its because we can effectively leverage our status.

CEDA, a non profit with a small budget and a big and cool mission is much
more likely to receive that support from a segment of providers who we are
not currently taping into. Other donors will work with universities, and
most of us have that covered on our own, but using our status allows more
avenues of support..
As for buzz words...i guess there is a fine line between buzzwords and
concepts i feel like they are the latter, but maybe thats just me.

Finally what is a volunteer hire? An opportunity whose reward is not in the
form of compensation. Unpaid internships are an example, lots of people take
them, some people are required to take them. The benefit is in the
application and development of your skills, the professional development,
and the opportunity to have something in your portfolio that shows your
experience. Lots of people have academic requirements that could
be fulfilled by working with CEDA.CEDA just has to think creatively enough
to see a role beneficial to both the intern and the organization(including
its members).

On Sun, Dec 28, 2008 at 3:39 AM, bandana organizer <lifer-hat at hotmail.com>wrote:

> I just had to respond to this line by line. Andy's email reads like a
> nine-year-old's blueprint for snow fort, with the attendant excitement and
> confusion.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> But just because the technology is cool does not mean it will create your
> communication or information plan for you.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Thanks for that clarification.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Currently there is little incentive other than community service, interest,
> and altruism to do technology development work, and thus we have a lot of
> people who may or may not care how their ideas and knowledge of technology
> interacts with CEDA.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> All people "may or may not care" about that. "May or may not care" covers
> all people. Some care, some do not.
> Are you trying to say that many people do not care? Do you really plan to
> make most people care about how their ideas of tech interacts with CEDA? To
> call that ambitious would be a real understatement.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> not into some sort of summit but into an online working group and
> collaboration teams that breaks off and assesses the areas of interest that
> they have and how those areas can help CEDA come up with a consolidated
> communication and information strategy.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> "Areas of interest" can't help come up with strategies. Areas of interest,
> for instance, are inanimate.
> "Consolidated communication and information strategy" is just buzzword
> bingo.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> CEDA has the power as an organization to leverage power that allows all of
> these contributors to have access to tools and services that might not be
> available for their individual processes, this could include summer
> volunteer hires, consults with mbas and development people for specific
> projects, and the ability to harness the power of the collectivity of the
> community, to develop the information systems we need.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> "Power of the collectivity of the community" is more buzzword bingo.
> Your list of ideas really just sounds like "community service,
> interest, and altruism" (which you rejected above), plus some
> "volunteer hires". What is a "volunteer hire"?
> Do you really think getting a meeting with an MBA is easy for CEDA but
> tough for coaches who work at universities?
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> I would recruit a large information and technology committee comprised of
> all of the people i mentioned above and others interested.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Did you actually ask those people already? Are you aware that the meaning
> of this sentence, in standard English, is that they have all already agreed?
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> The more information we have that is good the harder it becomes to jam us
> in a way that causes damage, if there inst much out there then you get
> Shanahan Howard Dean on you tube etc...
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Howard Dean is the perfect example of how this is wrong. The media had
> plenty of positive information about Dean. It didn't dilute the potency of
> the yell clip.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> google chat (gmail.com)you either know about or dont
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Yes, that is, by definition, true. You either know about Google Chat or you
> do not.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> These are jjust some of my favorites, some of you may have better ones, and
> others may disagree that these are good, but thats kinda the point of all
> this, that disagreement and resources sharing is in fact good, as long it
> occurs in a forum that informs the membership and the public.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Are you serious? The "point of all this" is to have a disagreement about
> which websites we use in a way that informs the public?!
> That's probably too stupid to be what you meant. I suppose this is simply
> some more shockingly incoherent writing.
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