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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Feb 4 16:56:37 CST 2008

One of the great things about having your own organization is you can have
your own awards. In line with that Baltimore College Debate will be
presenting some end of the year awards at the Novice JV nationals.

Here are the awards we will have. Nominations can be sent to andy ellis at
andy at baltimorecollegedebate.org

Program of the Year- This is for the program that most embodies the spirit
of the Baltimore College Debate program. For the sake of this award this
means a program which is dedicated to using its resources to create
opportunities for debate at places that do not currently have it. Several
examples of things that would make somebody embody this award are;
willingness to utilize team resources for the greater good of new and
emerging programs; a commitment to local debate opportunities; outreach to
udl communities ; and a commitment to a reinvigorated community of
democratic political discourse.

Director of the year- there may be a lot of people who you think are good
directors and need the recognition, explain why you think they are and why
that makes them the best.

Debater of the year- This is an award for the student debater who best
demonstrates the attributes listed above. A requirement for this award is
that the student has attended one BCD tournament this year. Similar to the
CEDA baby Joe Award, this award seeks to reward a competitive debater who is
also a successful communicator and community member. Nice people who are
good debaters and do good stuff, is the short version.

Coach of the Year- This award goes to a coach who may not hold the director
role but works tirelessly to make debate the best possible activity it can
be for all the students they interact with.

New Programs- We will recognize each new program at the tournament.

We may have a few others as well but those are the mainline ones....

Please send nominations to me by February 25.

If you have questions just ask.
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